Amman -> Jerusalem

Jerusalem, I finally reached to this holly city.


We came to this city by car and bus. At the border, there is a bridge called “Alleby bridge.” And the security check was really really really tight. I had to show my pasport 11 times in total to cross this bridge and get into Israel from Jordan. I’ve never been through such a tight serutiy. But no wonder. All those stuffs that we studied at history class back in high school came back to me. Yes, this is the world’s trouble area. By the way, I saw the breaking news on CNN just a couple hours ago about Hamas and Israel reaching cease-fire deal at Gaza. I hope things will get better soon.


Alleby bridge was supported (partly? I think) financially by Japanese ODA on construction. We should know this fact.


Oh, I almost forgot to write this! On our way to the bridge from Amman, we stopped by at the Dead Sea. Amazing experience. I did float. You really can read a book on the sea floating. (But you don’t want to do that beacause you will get burned.)