Jesus was born in Bethlehem. We actually saw the very place where he was said to be given birth to. This place is very famous and it is called the church of nativity. At 2002, Bethlehem was surrounded by Israel, and some Palestinians evaculated to this church. This is the famous 2002 seige. Some were killed. (for detail see here).


After this event, the number of tourists decreased and the economy of Bethlehem went bad, since the main industry of this city was tourlism. Guess what? The umemployment rate is now 65%!!! Not 6.5%. I am saying that it is 65%. Ridiculous, isn’t it?


Many taxi drivers walked up to us and gave me a one-day tour offer. I guess they have no work. I saw few tourist in the city, although this place is very important religiously. Somebody has got to do something about this situation.