I am really enjoying the “Around the world date” with my wife.


This morning, we moved to Nice from Marseille. I wrote that I like Marseille yesterday; I think I like Nice even more. Actually, I love this city. Marseille is a port city. Nice is a resort beach city. The ocean here in Nice is extremely beautiful. It’s blue. Really really blue. You cant even imagine how blue it is till you acutally see the sea here.


Oh, there was somthing very surprising today. At the beach, we saw several topless girls. I dont think this beach is a Nudist beach, because most of the girls were wearing bathing suits. But some girls were not wearing their tops. I guess they think that the cost of showing their breasts is smaller than the benefit of having a beautiful sun burn at their breasts. It just that they have different preferences. But what made me more surprised was the fact that nobody was really paying attention to these ladies.


During this honeymoon, there are so many thoughts that came up to my mind. I really want to write these thoughts at this blog and organize, but I just don have enought time. I will probably just write down some keywords at my notebook, and after I am back to Japan, I will write what I felt during my trip.