Hong Kong

Yesterday pretty late at night, we got to Hong Kong. (We are staying at http://www.yesinn.com/). I feel so secure and comfortable here. Especially because we flew from India, I really felt like this. After all, Chinese and Japanese people look quite alike, and we have many things in common, although there are many concerns between the two. But really, I felt like I was back in Japan. India was just too different from Japan (I will write about this later). And maybe especially because this is Hong Kong, I see many Japanese stuffs; snacks, drinks, department stores. And the time difference between HK and Japan is just ONE hour. We are so close to Japan.

This is the last city of our around-the-world trip. Our honeymoon will finish soon. I don’t know how many countries and cities we have visited. I don’t know how many times we took airplane. I don’t know how many people we met ( some were good, some were bad).  I do know how much we have used, I spend a lot, but I do believe that it worthed to do this trip. I got so many precious sweet memories from this journey. I suppose the term “priceless” should be used to describe this kind of things.

Anyways, I will be back in Japan on Thursday.