I am now in Dubai. It’s quite unbelievable that they made this city in the middle of a dessert. It is so developed. But if you really want to enjoy in Dubai, you need a lot of money. Since we have already used a lot so far in our honeymoon, we must try not to use much money here….


Like NY, there is a huge income gap. Almost all taxi drivers are from countries such as India, Bangladesh, Egypt, and so on. I bet all those high buildings that you see in TV are made by these low-wage workers. But without these people working with (probably) pretty low wages, I suppose there is no Dubai today. At the same time, I think the leaders here in Dubai is controlling this place very well. They know what should be done to make a county rich. Dubai  is an interesting place to analyze using Economics.


Anyways, I will enjoy my honeymoon.


Oh by the way, | went to visit Petra in Jordan yesterday. Petra is famous for setting of Indiana Jones. The whole area was really awesome!!!



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