Professional Beggars

Right now, I have some time. There are so many things that I have felt during my around-the-world journey. I will just pick up one thing for now and write.

In the world, did you know that there are professional beggars? I met so many beggars in so many places. And I found out that some of them are professional. In other words, they do begging and have a non-beggar life. I was shocked to know the fact.

I don’t know who is a professional beggar and who is not. I cant tell the difference. If one really needs some money to buy a food, I do wish to give him some money. I don’t want to see somebody starving. But if he is a professional beggar, and if he is really not having trouble buying a food, I don’t want to give him money. If many people think that they don’t want to give money at all to any beggar, because they don’t want to give money who don’t really need to beg for a money to buy some foods, what do you think would happen? A beggar who really needs some money to buy a food will starve to death. As a result, “Bad money drives out good (Gresham’s law).”

I saw so many beggars begging in different ways around the world. They are trying to maximize the probability to receive money from the pedestrians. Seriously, beggars do anything to receive money. I will write one example. She/He comes up to you and say “can you speak english?” If you say “yes” she/he will show you a piece of paper, which says like this: “I am from Africa, I am poor, my mother is dead, I have a disabled brother, I need some money to buy food for him. Please give me some money”

The whole point of this entry, is to remind you that Japan is so rich and safe.