Cairo, Egypt. This is my second  visiting here. My first time was four years ago. I was shocked to see how it was in a developing country then. I am shocked again. Four years ago, I thought that I was so lucky that I was born in Japan. The exact same thought came up to me again.

In Egypt, there is no concept such as “normal price.” If you walk around the city, you will see no price table. If you take a taxi, you see no price meter. So you have to ask and negotiate each time you want to buy. If the consumer is Egyptian, they offer a cheap price. If the consumer is a tourist, they offer an expensive price. If the consumer is a Japanese tourist,they offer a super expensive price.

The price is not fixed! So markets here are generally not fair, in sense of  Prof. Yano. But I start to think if this sense of fairness really fair. Egyptian people think that it is natural that rich foreigners pay a lot and the poor Egyptian pay less. This is their sense of fairness. Maybe, we should not use the concept of Yano-fairness to analyze the markets in developing counties, like Egypt.

By the way, we are staying at this place.

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This youth hostel is great. They helped us organize the whole trip in Egypt. The staffs are really kind. And by the way, you can see some information about our journey at the following URL