We are still staying at the hotel in Bern.


Today, we went to Geneve. It is about an hour and a half from Bern to Geneve by train. I was impressed when I got there because I found out that the majority speaks French in Geneve! In Bern, the majority speaks German. Well, take a look at a map. Geneve is very very near France and Bern is near Germany.


The Lake Leman was really beautiful. We got onto a ship at the Lake. We didnt have to pay at all because we had an Eurail pass. We didnt know that we could use en Eurail pass like this. Lucky us!


Switzerland is great. I like this place.



I thought Switzerland did not have any army. Well, they have an institution called Swiss Armed Force. Well, even the country who suffered from two nuclear bombs do have an institution called the Self Defence Force. Switzerland is starting to really interest me a lot.