NY; the 2nd day

 it was raining in the morning a bit, but the weather got better from the afternoon. and we met my sister and my friend today. we saw where my sister lives and her university. their locations were great.

I still feel funny that we must pay a tip at a restruant or a taxi. the rate is about 15% to 20%. sister told me that a good way to estimate the appropriate tip amount is to simply calculate the double of the tax, since the tax rate in NYC is about 8.5%. 

but we thought that the price level itself wasnt as high as we expected. we had an image that NYC is a very very  expensive city. but this image was not true. london was much more expensive, so we did not really feel that the tip rate 15 to 20% was extremely high.

tomorrow we will probably go to see the statue of liberty. hope it will not rain