We are now in Amman. Middle east! We were so excited when we saw the dessert from the window of the airplane, just before landing!!!


Tomorrow we will fly to Ciaro, Egypt. This is my second time visiting Egypt. It was 4 years ago that I visited Cairo last time. I went there with my friends at ski club. And my girlfriend at the time asked me to take her to Cairo someday in our future. The girlfriend is now my wife, so It will become true tomorrow 🙂



We are in Budapest now. The city is quite cute. I like it. And the youthhostel that we are staying now is really great. Kind staffs, perfect location, clean room, and quite cheap price! this place is really awesome!! I recommend you to stay at this place if you have a chance to visit Budapest. (But only if you are young, because it is a youthhostel)

Tomorrow, we are flying to Amman, Jordan. There we just stay just for one night. We are staying at

On the next day, we are flying to Cairo, Egypt! We will be staying at

So tomorrow is our last day in europe. middle east comes next. Exciting!!!

Milano -> Venice -> Vienna

We have moved to Viena from Venice today. We havent explored the city in Vienna yet, tomorrow we will. We are staying at;


By the way, I have to write something about Venice. Someone says that Venice is the most beautiful city in the whole world. He is right. Venice was incredibly beautiful. You cannot die without visiting this city.


We are in Milano now. Yesterday and tonight, we are staying at the following hotel.


The sad thing is that we cannot see the “The Last Supper (Saigo no bansan)” drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci. We tried to book to see this great masterpiece yesterday, but there was no available ticket till JULY!!! How can we enjoy Milano without this great painting?


Today, we went to a city called, Verona. It’s between Venice and Milano, and we liked it a lot. This city is famous for Romeo and Juliet.


Tomorrow, we are going to Venice.