Leaving NY for Lima

Today is the last day in NY. We are now flying to Lima, Peru. And of course, this is our first (and probably the last) time visiting south america.

oh by the way, i went to a bar yesterday with my wife, my sister, and my friend who works at citibank here in nyc. and it was sooooo funny because the bar we went suddenly changed to a gay bar after around 11:00. tuesday night there was a gay night everyweek, we didnt know! very rare experience, isnt it, huh?

we are staying at the following place from may 9th till 16th.


NY, Brooklyn

We went to see places around in Brooklyn. It was my first time going there, and i thought the place was like, Shimokitazawa or Daikanyama. Friend told me that it’s like a place where all the young artists live.

Already at this point of time, so much information has got into my brain now that i cannot organize it. Just by walking around the city, i can easily see that the income gap is very large. moreover, it seems obvious that it is highly correlated with the color of skin.

Tomorrow, we are leaving NYC for Lima, Peru. This travel will probably give so much information to me…maybe I can’t handle it all….but I will try to write what I feel and think about it.

Back to NY

We came back to NYC yesterday from Niagara falls. although it was my second time visiting there, it amazed me again. last time i went there, i was just 7 or 8. now i am 25 and with my wife. it gave me different kind of impression. the view was really really great.

Washington DC

I came all the way down to washington DC yesterday. Natsukashi!

We are staying at a hotel called Best Western….this place is pretty good! today we are moving to Niagara falls! very excited.

by the way we joined a 3-day tour conducted by a travel company called, Happy Holidays Travel. This tour takes us to places efficiently and also very cheap. tour guide is very great too. really great!