We are still staying at the hotel in Bern.


Today, we went to Geneve. It is about an hour and a half from Bern to Geneve by train. I was impressed when I got there because I found out that the majority speaks French in Geneve! In Bern, the majority speaks German. Well, take a look at a map. Geneve is very very near France and Bern is near Germany.


The Lake Leman was really beautiful. We got onto a ship at the Lake. We didnt have to pay at all because we had an Eurail pass. We didnt know that we could use en Eurail pass like this. Lucky us!


Switzerland is great. I like this place.



I thought Switzerland did not have any army. Well, they have an institution called Swiss Armed Force. Well, even the country who suffered from two nuclear bombs do have an institution called the Self Defence Force. Switzerland is starting to really interest me a lot.




We are staying at the following hotel now.

This hotel is located at the central heart of the city. It is of course near the main station. Very nice place to stay. But it costed us the most during our honeymoon so far. Well, if you want a good place to sleep, you have to pay a lot. Things are always simple.


Switzerland is great. A tap water tastes like a mineral water here. In fact, its source is Alps! Oh, and people speak very good english here! But the price level is a bit high.


I am now at Frankfurt. Many people speak pretty good English here, so we are not facing the language problem here. We are doing fine so far.

Again, there are many things that I want to write about, but I dont have enought time ( I am updating this blog from an Internet cafe at the Hauptwache Station.) ….So I will just write the name of the cities I visited in the past one week and what I have done there mainly.

  • Cannes (France) : we saw the red carpet that is used in the Cannes Film Festival
  • Monaco (Monaco) : we saw the Monaco F1 Grand Prix
  • Paris (France) : We went to Louvre Museum and saw many great arts, like, “Mona Lisa”, “the Venus de Milo”, and “Liberty Leading the People” by Delacroix.
  • Frankfurt (Germany) : we saw the Goethe’s house.

So many exciting things we are experiencing. We are really really enjoying our honeymoon. I will try to update my blog as soon as possible when I find the Internet access.

Tomorrow, we are going to Bern, Schweiz. After that, we are planning to visit Italy.


I am really enjoying the “Around the world date” with my wife.


This morning, we moved to Nice from Marseille. I wrote that I like Marseille yesterday; I think I like Nice even more. Actually, I love this city. Marseille is a port city. Nice is a resort beach city. The ocean here in Nice is extremely beautiful. It’s blue. Really really blue. You cant even imagine how blue it is till you acutally see the sea here.


Oh, there was somthing very surprising today. At the beach, we saw several topless girls. I dont think this beach is a Nudist beach, because most of the girls were wearing bathing suits. But some girls were not wearing their tops. I guess they think that the cost of showing their breasts is smaller than the benefit of having a beautiful sun burn at their breasts. It just that they have different preferences. But what made me more surprised was the fact that nobody was really paying attention to these ladies.


During this honeymoon, there are so many thoughts that came up to my mind. I really want to write these thoughts at this blog and organize, but I just don have enought time. I will probably just write down some keywords at my notebook, and after I am back to Japan, I will write what I felt during my trip. 


The view of the mediterranee sea from this city is beautiful. Good weather today. People are friendly here. The atmosphere is cute. Good food. I think I like this city.

Tomorrow we are moving to Nice. I’m starting to love France. It’s really pity that I can’t speak french.

Barcelona -> Marseille

This morning, we took a train and moved all the way to Marseille from Barcelona. Tonight and tomorrow night, we are staying at the following youth hostel.

It took about 8 hours to move, so I was really tired when I arrived at Marseille. We were so tired that we didn’t want to think, so we decided to take a taxi from the Station to this hostel, and oh my god this taxi driver was sooooooooo MEAN!!! He drove for couple of minutes, and then said we got to the place. but the place was in front of the station: the hostel was located right in front of the station! And the driver demanded us to pay 15euros. I speak no french, but I barely understood that he said, ‘quinze.’ So what did we do? We  first complained, of course, and made him understand that we know where we were. and then he said, ‘okay, 10 euros.’ … Well, we just ingored him and just got into the hostel. I was soooo glad that he didnt come after us.

I hope it won’t happen agian. So far, my impression about Marseille is really bad. Hopefully, we will see the good part of this city, like the beautiful sea tomorrow.







世界一周旅行の雑感@Lima (Peru)



  • ニューヨーカーは超ジコチュウ!
  • オバマが当選したらそれはすごいこと(セントラルパークで野球をする白人少年と、そのまわりを走り回る黒人少年)
  • 世界中から夢をもってNYにあつまるが、大半が夢破れて貧困層を形成?エリス島が印象的。
  • 多言語しゃべれるのがスタート地点
  • ペルーは親日、日本とペルーの関係はけっこう深い。日秘文化センターが印象的。
  • 南米英語ほとんど通じません。ペルーを観光立国にするには英語対策が必要。
  • ペルーではアジア人が珍しいらしい。この9日間で2回写真撮られたし、じろじろ見られる。
  • 日系ペルー人の歴史は考えさせられる。1900年ころの日本からペルーへの移民の子孫が、1980年ころに日本に逆移民して3Kの仕事を(給料がよいと喜んで)やっていたらしい。
  • どこにでもチャイナタウンはある(リマにもあった)。野菜不足になったらチャイナタウンを探せ!米もくえるぞ!
  • ペルーはエジプトをライバル視?
  • 日系ペルー人のための日本語新聞に「国際的な人材を育てよ」と書いてあったのが印象的。
  • 南米では、肌のいろが白いほど裕福っぽい。宿泊しているペンションのところで働くドライバーさんの家をちらっと見る機会があったが、一生忘れられない。


いまリマにいて、明日の夜バルセロナに飛びます!南米では、ひったくりにあったり襲われたりする日本人がいるみたいですが、うちらはいまのところ快適に旅しています。あやしい人が「ハポン?(日本人?)」って聞いてきたら、no, we are from the united states of americaということにしていますし、大丈夫そうです。






ペルー人はかなりフレンドリーで親切ないい人たちです。けっこう気に入っています。特にNYからペルーにきたので、超自己中心的なニューヨーカーとの対照がすごいです。しかし南米では英語がほとんど通じません。あぁ、言葉が通じないって悲しい。「toilet, restroom, bathroom」すら通じないことがあって、本当に哀れでした。bano(バーニョ)ってスペイン語で言うらしいです。これはもう忘れません。